Photo of the Week: Aloha from the Eco-Holiday photoshoot

Mia Wesley, Social Media Coordinator 

On March 22, Compassionate Eye Foundation celebrated World Water Day at the Seaview Eco-Epicurean Waterfarm in Puna, Hawaii! At this unique location the photographer and founder of CEF, Robert Kent, was joined by photographer Attila Pohlmann and the shoot producer Zoe Eisenberg collaborating together for a family themed Eco-Holiday photoshoot. Below is a behind-the-scenes shot from the day featuring three of our fantastic volunteers and photographer Robert Kent.

Unsure of what an eco-holiday is? Look no further! Eco-holidays, also known as ecotourism, are a responsible form of travel to natural areas that help to conserve the most pristine areas of our environment. This form of travel is much more sustainable than traditional mass tourism. Ecotourism is not only a more environmentally sustainable form of travel but it also helps to educate the local and global communities about the importance of environmental preservation.

The Hawaiian Islands have some of the worlds most complex ecosystems and consequently the islands are at a very high risk as climate change continues to threaten the ecosystems. There is so much to learn and explore throughout the various ecosystems of the Hawaiian Islands and eco-holidays are one of the best ways to do it. The Seaview Eco-Epicurean Waterfarm is an absolutely breathtaking facility which provides “the lower Puna community with purified, blessed and structured water.” Please visit the Seaview Eco-Epicurean Waterfarm’s website to learn more about their environmentally sustainable and innovative approach to the most sacred source of life: water.


Thank you, for one COOL event!



Last night’s On the Rock’s Community Love for Clean Water fundraiser held at Heritage Hall was a wonderful event!

Sincere thanks to Jennifer Trayler and Danielle Nesbit of On the Rocks for initiating this event for CEF. They may be Ice Princesses, but they have the warmest hearts! Thanks too, to their family and friends who supported in so many ways!

The students from the Arts Institute’s Event Planning program Euthia Pham, Carla Pruner, Julia Wu and Ni Zhao did a wonderful job planning and preparing for the evening.  Thanks to the Culinary Students who took care of the food and worked behind the scenes in keeping tasty bites flowing throughout the evening.

The flair bartender, Daniel Branson, was exceptional and presented all the drinks, including the specialty drink featuring On the Rocks Ice spheres with panache!  Cakewalk Media captured the event with some great images

A highlight of the evening was the live entertainment provided by Greg Drummond and friends. Special thanks to the donors of silent auction items.  Many happy people walked out of the hall last night with beautiful purchases.

It was a terrific time to meet new friends and old.  It was a great night of connection – person to person, community to community. The event, held in celebration of World Water Day (March 22) raised money for clean water projects through CEF (if you didn’t catch the post about the recent project in Cambodia, read it here).

Thank you to everyone who supported this event in so many different ways! Stay tuned for more coverage and photos from what was definitely the COOLEST event in town!